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I'm having a problem using NSOperationQueue:

This method is used inside a singleton class that specifically deals with database operations. It appears that when I set waitUntilFinished to YES, the program stops running and the code inside the execution block stays untouched(I suspect it's because the program is waiting forever, there might be some other operations in the queue that's being executed).

-(NSArray *)queryWithType:(Class)type conditions:(NSString *)condition params:(NSArray *)params{

__block NSArray *result;

NSBlockOperation *operation = [[NSBlockOperation alloc] init];
operation.queuePriority = NSOperationQueuePriorityVeryHigh;
[operation addExecutionBlock:^{
    result = [DBHelper queryAll:type conditions:condition params:params];
[self.operationQueue addOperations:@[operation] waitUntilFinished:YES];
return result;


I need to add the operation to self.operationQueue which is created when instantiating the singleton class, it's the only queue I use to access or modify the database. If I create and use a new NSOperationQueue, the problem no longer exists, however that's potentially dangerous to have multiple thread accessing the same database at once.

Does anyone have any idea where the problem might be? I can paste more code or explain further, thanks!

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