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I have several shared libraries, loaded in the following order to resolve dependencies: libA.so libMyStuff.so libB.so, where I have the source only for libMyStuff.so. Now I need to call a function in libB.so from a function in libMyStuff.so. (Let us put aside the question whether it is good to leave such dependency in the final version, at the moment I need namely this.)

How do I have two .so libraries call each other?

I use gcc C/C++, ARM, Android NDK.

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Your question does not make sense. Shared libraries can call each other the same way as an executable would call a shared library. –  Maxim Yegorushkin Jun 4 at 9:04
@MaximYegorushkin AFAIK on Android when you call loadLibrary() all functions referenced in the new library must be in already loaded libraries, otherwise you get an unsatisfied link error. At least this is what I have seen. Any idea to workaround this? –  18446744073709551615 Jun 4 at 9:35

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You can use dynamic linking, see dlsym.

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