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In a MVP win forms app, I have an IEnumerable <Object> list and lets say these Objects have decimal properties called P1 and P2. I'm displaying this list on a DataGridView as follows...

public IEnumerable<Object> GridData
    set { dgvObjects.DataSource = value; }

But in the grid there is an additional field called Total and I need the total value of those P1 and P2 here. I'm supposed to do this in my Presenter class. Appreciate if you could show me how to do this properly?

NOTE : I could do this by adding a new property called Total to my Object class and then in a foreach loop I would do the addition. so that will be shown on the grid. But I feel that it would not be the best approach.!!

Also I need to show the totals of the columns down the grid or in text boxes probably placed at the bottom.

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so a Total for a single row, or a Total of all rows ? –  Tigran Jun 4 at 6:31
Total of all rows and also column totals... –  Chathuranga Jun 4 at 6:37
So why hold it inside grid ? Why not just separated field (Label, say) on the form, on the bottom of the grid that shows total of all. and that total you just sum ones. –  Tigran Jun 4 at 7:02

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