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Here is the problematic source code:


package main

func main(){
    v := url.Values{"key": {"Value"}, "id": {"123"}}
    body := strings.NewReader(v.Encode())
    _ = proxy(body)
    // this work 

    //invalid type assertion: body.(io.ReadCloser) (non-interface type *strings.Reader on left)
    _, _ = body.(io.ReadCloser)


func proxy( body io.Reader) error{
    _, _ = body.(io.ReadCloser)
    return  nil

Can someone tell me why this code wont work ?

The error occur here:

body := strings.NewReader(v.Encode())

rc, ok := body.(io.ReadCloser)

// invalid type assertion: body.(io.ReadCloser) (non-interface type *strings.Reader on left)

However proxy(body io.Reader) do the same thing but have no error. Why?


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You are dealing with two different Reader:

For non-interface types, the dynamic type is always the static type.
A type assertion works for interfaces only, which can have arbitrary underlying type.
(see my answer on interface, and "Go: Named type assertions and conversions")

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Thanks!! , your comment really help me understand a lot about interface (from 0 to enough ) . I modified my code so it will work http://play.golang.org/p/C4tA2Xaq4p. I have to convert strings.Reader to interface before doing any type assertion. –  24hours Jun 4 '14 at 8:02

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