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I'm working with the Gtk.StackSwitcher, adding childs with an "icon-name" property to display the icon in the StackSwitcher.

Now I want the childs to expand, to use the whole space which is available in the StackSwitcher. Is there any solution how i can do this?

Thanks in advanced Steffen

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To get a Gtk3 widget to expand you can set the expand property to True. There are also hexpand and vexpand properties if you only want to expand in one direction. What the widget does with the extra space is determined by the halign and valign properties, the default is to expand to use all the allocated space.

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Thanks for the fast reply. I really don't know where to set the property. The StackSwitcher seems to use all the available space, but the switcher Buttons have a light padding around the picture even if there is many space left. –  user3706123 Jun 4 at 11:52
Sorry, I misread the question the first time. Is the extra space you want to use inside or outside the buttons? –  Phillip Wood Jun 4 at 13:44
NP. I want the StackSwitcherButtons to use the whole space of the StackSwitcher. –  user3706123 Jun 4 at 14:13
I'm not sure there's an easy way to do that, you could iterate over the buttons using gtk_container_foreach() but I'm not sure that's really good practice as you're messing with the internals of a widget. Normally there isn't much space between stack and the switcher so it's clear that one controls the other, is there a reason you have so much space around the StackSwitcher? –  Phillip Wood Jun 5 at 19:10

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