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We have modified an existing theme and introduced some new features.We now allows the admin to upload an image from admin panel and use it as a new logo. If admin uploads a new image the image gets stored in /magento/media directory ("magento" being the root dir). However I am not able to use this resource in my extension. I have a file I have a css file which defines css of the header section(with a default relative path to a standard logo) of every page. This css is referenced in head.phtml which actually displays the content. I am overriding the header section of the css by doing -


$img = Mage::getStoreConfig('mytheme/choosetheme/my_image');
$media = Mage::getBaseDir('media');

echo '.header-bg {
    background:url('.$media.'\logo.png'.') no-repeat center #fff;


And I get the following error - Not allowed to load local resource.

The image is uploaded from our extension and giving a relative path in css works fine but not a good solution because the pages can be any arbitrary path so the number of "../" to put is not fixed.

Please let me know how can I use an image from magento's media directory in my extension .phtml file.

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You shouldn't load images off a local file system.



instead of


Let me know if any issues

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Thanks a lot. It worked out. Also please let me know it there are any solid magento extension development guides, tutorials preferred. Thanks :) –  user2673652 Jun 4 '14 at 10:13

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