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I would like to learn how to develop web/mobile games. What language is best for that? Java? C#? Ruby? ActionScript?

I'm not interested in developing desktop games.

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Learning C# and XNA would give you somewhere to start for Web based and Windows 7 Mobile games.

Once you get that down, then MonoTouch and XnaTouch would give you the iPhone ability.

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Thanks, I already have some C# basics and I am good with OOP so I guess that would make sense. I'm just not sure if Java is not better. –  Richard Knop Mar 8 '10 at 17:45
Java will give you a broader span of Mobile devices, but you're it definitely won't allow you to target the higher-end mobile devices (Win7 Mobile, iPhone, WebOS, etc...you will get Blackberry, but you'll need to modify your code anyway). –  Justin Niessner Mar 8 '10 at 17:48
Microsoft's proprietary APIs and languages are too volatile. The change the syntax of the languages every few versions, and developers/companies are just supposed to rewrite their programs in the new one. MTBL (mean time before legacy) is too fast. –  JohnnySoftware Mar 17 '11 at 2:22

iPhone uses Objective-C. Windows Mobile uses a number of languages but prefers C#. Android uses Java but can use others with the NDK. Most importantly, they each have different frameworks available. I'd say your best bet would probably be to write your core in C or C++ (which are the most widely portable languages on earth) and then use whatever works best on a given platform for interfacing with its native services. For example, C++ core and Objective-C interface layer on iPhone (for accessing touch and motion events).

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Learn J2ME. it is best for mobile game development. if you are into iphone game development, then its objective C.

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Well, to add another language ;-), why don't you try Java. There are a few good books out there (not specially for web-games, but to program a game you need more than just a GUI):

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You need to decide what platform you want to develop for: 1. Windows mobile - C,C++,C# 2. J2ME devices like Nokia, SE, Motorola - Java ME 3. Symbian devices - C++ 4. iPhone - objective C 5. Android - Java

On the other hand you have the web: 1. Flash games - Flash 2. HTML/5 games - HTML + CSS + javascript

I suggest to focus on one platform and start there. The smartphone market (iPhone, Android, WP7, BB etc..) devices have a pretty good web browser that now allows to run flash (not in iPhone :D) or html based games in the web so you should consider it as well.

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