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I have a domain object Thing which can contain several Categories. So I have implemented my HTML helper to create a checkbox group of all possible Categories. I have no problem receiving:

public ActionResult Create(Thing Thing, List<string> Categories)

However I am wondering whether I could use a custom Model binder to use just this:

public ActionResult Create(Thing Thing)

So basically I am looking for a way to use the model binder to bootstrap the object tree/graph.

Any pointers appreciated. Thanks.


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Does Thing type have List<string> Categories property? –  LukLed Mar 9 '10 at 0:35

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I was mixing up domain objects and DTOs. Making Thing a DTO (or view object?) does the trick.

so having something like this works:

class Thing ( List Categories; )

The model binder figures out how to put the posted data into the Categories

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