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others gave me a standard rtmp publish pcap file, i used the latest version( 1.11.3) of wiresharke to resolve it, but it can't resolve the handshake of rtmp packets, it just resolve it to standard TCP packet, besides this, some RTMP packets can be recognized to RTMP, but it showns "unknown(0x0)",

i tried old stable version of wiresharke, but it didn't useful.

5   0.000004 TCP 131 55073 → macromedia-fcs [PSH, ACK] Seq=2776922459 Ack=1547439684 Win=16425 Len=77 

the above packet should be recognized a rtmp handshake packet C0+C1,but in my wireshark, it only a TCP packet.

13  0.000004 RTMP    326 Unknown (0x0)

the above packet should be recognized handshake C2|connect('live'), but it was unknown

18  0.000035 RTMP    189 releaseStream('livestream')|FCPublish('livestream')|createStream()

29  0.000163 RTMP    1514    Video Data

however, it can regconize the above control message and data message. somebody who can help me? i will appreciate you very much!!!

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