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I have this code with ggplot2 but only one of my lines is added to the legend. I am using scale_color_manual to achieve what I want, but I cannot manage ggplot2 to add the black and orange lines to the legend:

ggplot(prova, aes(x=seq(1:53)), size=1) + 
geom_line(aes(y = mean, colour = "red")) +
    geom_line(aes(y = emp), colour = "black", size=1.2) +
    geom_line(aes(y = relmean), colour = "orange", size=1) +
    ggtitle("My title") +
    scale_colour_manual(values = c("red", "black", "orange"), labels=c("Physical", "Empirical", "Relational")) + 
    scale_x_continuous(breaks = seq(1,53,by=2), labels=c("1987","","","","1991","","","","1995","","","","1999","","","", "2003", "","","","2007","","","","2011","","")) +
    theme(axis.text=element_text(size=10)) +
    theme(legend.text=element_text(size=10)) +
    xlab("Years") +
    ylab("Cumulative adoptions")

a small data frame to try with:

prova <- data.frame(mean=rnorm(53), emp=rnorm(53), relmean=rlnorm(53))

EDIT: Ok, the reason was I didn't specify my colour="black" inside the aes() parentheses... Thanks anyway!!!

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@Jaap Not sure why you deleted your answer. Better to keep it, rather than have this question float around with no official answer on it. –  joran Jun 5 at 2:59

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