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I am trying to pass a two dimensional char array from my C++ code to a NASM assembler extern function. I have no problems with passing simple arrays in this situation or two dimensional arrays to normal functions.

This is how I define the extern function: extern "C" void function(char[][]);

My char array is defined like this: char A[n][m];

But when I try to call the function: function(A);

The compilation fails saying:

candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'char [n][m]' to 'int'

I just can't handle these extern function parameters... Thank you for your help.

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I got error: multidimensional array must have bounds for all dimensions except the first, try extern "C" void function(char[][m]); (assuming that m is a compile time value). –  Jarod42 Jun 4 at 11:59
Unfortunately the dimension of the array is unknown and I have to retrieve it from a file in the 'main' :/. –  user3706370 Jun 4 at 12:06
So the signature should be something like function(char**, int size) (assuming an array of c-string) or function(char**, int size1, int size2). and you should have char* A[n]. –  Jarod42 Jun 4 at 12:11
Thanks a lot :) –  user3706370 Jun 4 at 14:04

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