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I have drop down select box and I am getting values dynamically ,

<select style='width: 200px;' id="combo_zone11" name="alfa1">
<c:forEach var="grade" items="${gradeInfo}">
  <option id='syear' value="" selected="selected">
      <option value=${grade.getDropDownId()}>${grade.getDropDownName()}</option>

I stored it in session variable, to test I am displaying session attribute(drop down selected value) somewhere in next page as

<c:out value="${schoolYear}"></c:out>

its fine its displaying. But in this page I am trying to set this value as selected value of drop down. for that I did ,

<select style='width: 200px;'id="combo_zone11" name="alfa1">
  <c:forEach var="grade" items="${gradeInfo}">
<option id='syear' value="${schoolYear}" selected="selected">
<option value=${grade.getDropDownId()} >${grade.getDropDownName()}</option>

but I cant able to set it as selected how to do this can anyone please help me in this.

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You have not set the option text. also you have not closed option. you need to use:

  <option value="${schoolYear}" selected="selected">${schoolYear}</option>
  <option value="${schoolYear}">${schoolYear}</option>
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but it is in loop rt, so in values is repeating . . – user3599482 Jun 4 '14 at 10:39
which one you want to select?? also your code will create option with duplicate id which is incorrect. – Milind Anantwar Jun 4 '14 at 10:42
it is like adding one more value to drop down. but I dont want like this, I want to compare ${schoolYear} with ${grade.getDropDownId()} if it is equal set that value as selected. – user3599482 Jun 4 '14 at 10:42
k . . remove id i dont want id , id is not needed to me – user3599482 Jun 4 '14 at 10:43
@user3599482: check the updated code. – Milind Anantwar Jun 4 '14 at 10:44

Here to compare value of ${schoolYear} and ${grade.getDropDownId()} we can use if else, but in jsp we have <c:choose> and '` for that. Here is the correct format of using it,

<select style='width: 200px;' >
<c:forEach var="grade" items="${gradeInfo}">
 <c:when test="${grade.getDropDownId()==schoolYear}">
  <option value=${grade.getDropDownId()}selected="selected">${grade.getDropDownName()}</option>
  <option value=${grade.getDropDownId()}>${grade.getDropDownName()}</option>

This will give the correct values.

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