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I am writing a custom fxcop rule which checks for Unused locals. (Yes, there is an existing one, but I want to exclude TestMethods from being checked.)

Where Introspector shows me that the TestMethodAttribute is available at compiletime: enter image description here

I can not seem to be able to actually check if the Attribute exists.

I tried the following methods:

Method 1.

_TestAttribType = FrameworkAssemblies.Mscorlib.GetType(Identifier.For("Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting"), Identifier.For("TestMethodAttribute"));
AttributeNode testAttribute = method.GetAttribute(_TestAttribType);
if (testAttribute != null)
    return null;

Method 2.

if(method.Attributes.Any(attrib => attrib.ToString().Contains("Test")))
    return null;

Method 3.

if(method.Attributes.Any(attrib => attrib.Type == typeof(TestMethodAttribute))
    return null;

Method 1 would not work because Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.Unittesting is not in mscorlib. The second method didn't work either, I am not sure why. Third method does not compile, because TestMethodAttribute is not supported by the FxCop-API.

How can I exclude testmethods from being checked in my FxCop-rule?

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How strict do you want to be about verifying the attribute's exact type? Do you want to ignore only MSTest TestAttribute, or any attribute named "TestAttribute", or any attribute that starts with or contains "Test"? –  Nicole Calinoiu Jun 4 '14 at 16:14
If possible I'd actually like to know both ways, if both are even possible. Am I close to the solution? –  Matthijs Jun 4 '14 at 18:29
It's non-trivial to refer to a type outside the core framework assemblies, so go with the name if you can live with that approach. –  Nicole Calinoiu Jun 5 '14 at 18:35

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A simple approach based on the name only would be:

method.Attributes.Any(a => a.Type.Name.Name == "TestMethodAttribute")

If you want a more complete solution with some performance enhancements, take a look at the implementation of the IsVSUnitTestMethod method in the MarkMembersAsStatic rule in a decompiler.

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