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I have recently reloaded my development pc and have some code that's always worked on my old setup and now gives me an oracle error: ORA-24774: cannot switch to specified transaction.

My oracle (11g) database is set up with 2 different schemas and we use the .Net TransactionScope with ADO.Net to run updates on both the schemas within a transaction and that is when I get the error stated above.

The connection string for both schemas is as follows with only the User Id's that differ for the different schemas and I can connect to both separately using these connection strings: "Data Source=WEBDB;User Id=~~~;Password=~~~;Pooling=False;".

I have tried the DBMS.Modify_Service with dtp=true on my oracle service but it has made no difference either.

It should be some kind of setting that I don't know about because like I mentioned it worked perfectly on my previous setup as well as on the other developers pc's here but is broken on my new machine.

Please help!

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