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I'm trying to integrate Chris Coyier's AnythingSlider (http://css-tricks.com/anythingslider-jquery-plugin/) with the YouTube API. When the video state is "play", I want to fire 'startStop(false)', and on video state 'pause' to fire 'startStop(true)'. But how can I use a function that's declared inside a plugin? I tried with something like $.anythingSlider.startStop() but to no avail. A simplified version of the function to check YouTube state change is shown below.

    function onytplayerStateChange(state) {
       switch(state) {
                case 1:  // playing
                case 2:  // paused

I'm not receiving any errors, and the Slider / Video work fine. But I cannot get the slider to stop on play.

Any thoughts? Many thanks.

EDIT: Fixed it myself, answer below

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I fixed it myself, just added a public function to the end of the anythingSlider.js file:

    $.fn.startStopSlider=function(status) {
    if(status=="play") {
    else if(status=="pause") {

And just call it as:

    case 1:  // playing


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