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We have a web app that allows users to interactively discover web service data URLs. We would like to allow a discovered service URL to be sent to an Ipython Notebook, where data from the service could be extracted, analyzed and visualized in the notebook. Is that possible?

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This topic : Connecting to a remote IPython instance

will show you how to execute python code from an app/script and return any "python objects" back to the notebook kernel.

Essentially what i will do in this case is to execute python code from the web app using the approach described before, note that for recent version of IPython (i use 3.0-dev) you should change :

from IPython.zmq.blockingkernelmanager import BlockingKernelManager

to :

from IPython.kernel import BlockingKernelClient

If your web-app can receive parameters in the url, you can construct the url+query from the notebook giving the connection info as one of the input parameters. You can retrieve the connection ifo within the notebook using:

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One note, in this scenario web-app and IPython notebook need to run on the same machine. –  user1013346 Jun 9 at 11:19
have a look a this notebook : nbviewer.ipython.org/gist/epifanio/08f33dd8cea8d8564abf It shows how to connect flask with a running ipython notebook kernel and pass simple parameters to it. In the example flask generate a python dict based on imput from the url, the generated dict is then available in the ipython kernel. –  user1013346 Jul 1 at 18:02

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