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As a learning exercise, I built a scraper to fetch Reddit headlines. The current live example can be found here which does not yet include any user-defined functionality. I'd like to add a feature to allow users to enter a preferred subreddit of their choice via a form input. How can I append the subreddit to the url specified in my RedditScraper class? For instance, I'd like to for the base url to be "http:reddit.com/r/" and then a user could enter "ruby" or whatever subreddit they prefer. Here's my scraper class:

require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'
require 'mechanize'

class RedditScraper

  def initialize
    @headline = []
    @agent = Mechanize.new

  def fetch_reddit_headlines
    @url = 'http://www.reddit.com/r/'
    mech_page = @agent.get(@url)

    num_pages_to_scrape = 2
    count = 0

    while(num_pages_to_scrape > count)
      page = mech_page.parser

      page.css('a.title').each do |link|
        if link['href'].include?('http')
          @headline << { content: link.content, href: link['href'] }
          @headline << { content: link.content, href: "http://reddit.com" + link['href'] }

      count += 1
      mech_page = @agent.get(page.css('.nextprev').css('a').last.attributes["href"].value)

    return @headline

Here's my controller action:

def index
    @fetch_reddit = RedditScraper.new.fetch_reddit_headlines

And my form partial (I followed the example here):

<%= form_tag("/search", method: "get") do %>
<%= label_tag(:q, "Enter a Subreddit (example: ruby):") %>
<%= text_field_tag(:q) %>
<p><%= submit_tag("Retrieve") %></p>
<% end %>

UPDATE: Tried suggestion below, but now receiving error: enter image description here

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In your controller

def index
  @fetch_reddit = RedditScraper.new.fetch_reddit_headlines(params[:q])

In RedditScraper

def fetch_reddit_headlines(subreddit = 'ruby')
  subreddit = 'ruby' if subreddit.nil?
  @url = "http://www.reddit.com/r/#{subreddit}"

  mech_page = @agent.get(@url)

In your form

  <%= form_tag("/", method: "get") do %>

If you want to use '/search' in your form, you have to register a path in routes.rb

get  'search'  => 'controller#action'
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Thanks, but I'm now receiving the error (updated above) –  Chip Jun 4 at 12:23
Well yes. That can be solved by adding a default value for the argument in fetch_reddit_headlines. Now if no argument is passed in params, it will scrape ruby subreddit. (updated above) –  mus Jun 4 at 12:33
Just tried, but same error. –  Chip Jun 4 at 12:36
subreddit = 'ruby' if subreddit.nil? should fix that (updated above) –  mus Jun 4 at 12:58
i'll try this when I get back to my machine –  Chip Jun 4 at 13:19

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