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Context: erver is running an apache2, PHP 5.3-10, with suhosin patch if that's interesting. Register globals is on, I know it's bad but the tool we use need it, I don't know if that's any relevant.

So we have this little problem, where malicious villains can call domain.com/element/page.php/login.php

page.php is a valid file, at the right place, doing its job normally in most cases. login.php is also a valid file, in element. Except that it shouldn't be possible to do page.php/login.php

calling domain.com/element/page.php works fine and does a redirection to domain.com/element/login.php if you are not logged in, which is expected behavior.

calling domain.com/element/page.php/login.php will show page.php almost as if we were connected (the page is usually called from within other pages).

I thought about .htaccess, or RewriteRules, but it doesn't seem to be this: a cat/grep on htaccess files doesn't show anything relevant. But maybe I'm not looking for the correct thing.

Would anyone have an idea about this?

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can you post the .htaccess code please? –  Victor In Jun 4 '14 at 13:25

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