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recently i started using phpunit. I like it very much and so on... but some-times unnecessary info annoying me


So, my question is how to disable it???

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phpunit is stopping support via PEAR channels after december meaning you won't get updates etc to your current installation, you can use a PHAR package or you can use composer to install phpunit see

to remove the error reinstall using alternative install methods see for more details

you can remove pear installation with this command

pear uninstall phpunit/PHPUnit

and you can install using phar with these commands

wget https://phar.phpunit.de/phpunit.phar
chmod +x phpunit.phar
mv phpunit.phar /usr/local/bin/phpunit

Edit: Note you need additional optional dependencies for yii( which PEAR may have handled) to be able to run test cases and so if you are using composer use

composer global require "phpunit/phpunit>=3.7.*" 
composer global require 'phpunit/phpunit-selenium=*'
composer global require 'phpunit/phpunit-story=*'
composer global require 'phpunit/dbunit=*'
composer global require 'phpunit/php-invoker=*'
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Maybe my quesetion is dumpy)) but how to "chmod +x" in windows8? –  Urmat Jul 17 '14 at 5:23
you don't need to :) , but i would recommend you to check composer/phpunit documentation on how to get your PATH configured etc for windows if you want to install globally. –  Manquer Jul 17 '14 at 7:12

To remove the PEAR version of PHPUnit:

pear uninstall phpunit/PHPUnit

The instructions for installing the new version of PHPUnit are here:


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