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I rewrite this question since by now I could exclude the Fixturize plugin for being the cause.

So here it is: Three models with HABTM use the same functionality. To avoid duplicate code I moved it to the model all three have in common and invoke it there dynamically named models depending from which model I am calling this functionality.

So here it comes: In real life it works fine, but my tests break because for some reason with the tests the live db is used instead of the text db. This happens with the fixturize plugin as well with the traditional setup for the fixture.

Here is the code my test should test:

public function updateTags(array $aTags, $other_id, $sOtherId, $sOtherModel, $sLinkModel)
    if (!$this->$sLinkModel->$sOtherModel->exists($other_id)) {
        $this->$sLinkModel->$sOtherModel->recursive = -1;
        // Debugging: so I could see that the wrong data is called for the test.
        $res = $this->$sLinkModel->$sOtherModel->find('all');
        throw new NotFoundException(__('Invalid '.$sOtherModel.' Id: '.$other_id));

    $save = $this->saveNewConnections($aTags, $other_id, $sOtherId, $sLinkModel);

    $del = $this->delDeactivatedConnections($aTags, $other_id, $sOtherId, $sLinkModel);
    $result = array(
        'save' => $save,
        'del'  => $del,
    return $result;

I guess the reason for this is that the model names are named dynamically. Has somebody experienced this or could I invoke the models in another way which is not to crude? Hey I was so proud of this elegant solution ;)

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