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i am just begineer and dont know about symphony. i have added symfony on my localhost. now i want to integrate it with shopify_api. i have followed instructions given in github but as they said

Install Composer:

$ curl -s | php

Run the install command:

$ php composer.phar install

This will download shopify_api into the vendor/sandeepshetty/shopify_api directory.

BUT THERE IS NO FOLDER OF SHOPIFY_API IN MY DIRECTORY STRUCTURE. and i am not getting any exception in my command prompt.... please tell me the steps how can i integrate with shopify... i want to develop shopify app with symfony framework

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I think you forgot to do the first step in shopify doc (adding the shopify bundle to the require).

Please follow all the steps in that documentation.

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At the root of symofny project folder , there is a composer.json open it , i added in the below of doctrine

"require": { "php": ">=5.3.3", "symfony/symfony": "2.1.*", "doctrine/orm": ">=2.2.3,<2.4-dev", "sandeepshetty/shopify_api": "dev-master" },

now run update composer command .

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