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version: erlang R13B

Hi all,

how can I increase the amount of ssl ports/handles that my network server is able to create on Windows? On linux I was able to successful create about 1000 connections using:

-env ERL_MAX_PORTS 80000 -P 268435456

and changing the maximum open fd's using ulimit.

On windows apparently there is no effect using the same configuration, and sadly the number of open connections are VERY small (about 30, and it opens 6 handles for each one). I've noticed that the shell starts two other children processes, inet_gethost.exe and ssl_esock.exe. If these are the ones that I have to increase the port count, how do I do that?


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According to this, in Windows NT

the maximum number of sockets supported by a particular Windows Sockets supplier is implementation-specific. An application should make no assumptions about the availability of a certain number of sockets.

According to this, you should redefine the value of FD_SETSIZE.

It also suggests to have a look to WSADATA.iMaxSockets.

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These config's aren't on erlang interpreter level. I'm looking on how to increase the port amount for ssl backend programs. When I use the server using plain sockets, It can handle a thousand connections with no problem. –  scooterman Mar 10 '10 at 13:20

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