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Hello I'm trying to write nice phone number formatter for editText to do this I used libphonenumber. My problem is when I write some numbers for ex. 888... after write 2 digits i received formatted text "+33 88..." and it is OK. but when I want use backspace to remove all digits (also with country code) I can't. In edit text there is still "+" or "+33". Any more backspace pressed doing nothing. I can't delete everything from current edit text. When I change focus to another edit text or write something before "+33" and once again try to delete its ok. It is only not working when I try remove all digits after replace text. When i put +33888... formated number is +33 888... But still can't delete "+" But when I put 0033888... formated text will be in +48 33 888... but then I can remove everything.

Here is my TextWatcher.

private class TextWatherListener implements TextWatcher
 private boolean mFormatting = false;

 public synchronized void afterTextChanged(Editable s)
  if (!mFormatting)
   mFormatting = true;
    PhoneNumberUtil phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.getInstance();
    Phonenumber.PhoneNumber swissNumberProto = phoneUtil.parse(number, "FR");
    number = phoneUtil.format(swissNumberProto, PhoneNumberUtil.PhoneNumberFormat.INTERNATIONAL);
                s.replace(0, s.length(), number, 0, number.length());
    catch (final NumberParseException e)
    { //do nothing }
   mFormatting = false;

I have no idea what is wrong here; why I can't delete all digits after that. link for library https://code.google.com/p/libphonenumber/

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