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I am stuck with getting a regular expression to work, I have the string

my $str = "(1:[&a={1sa},s=3,keyword=0.1,qwsz={a}]:0.1)[s=2;p]:2:[s=3, keyword=9.23]";

and want to discard anything between the square brackets except for a decimal number which occurs after the substring keyword=. The resulting string should look like this:


I tried to use the pattern \[.+?keyword=([0-9]+\.[0-9]+).+?] which matches what I don't want, I tested that in an online regex tester. But

my $str =~ s/\[.+?keyword=([0-9]+\.[0-9]+).+?]//g;

does not really work.

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Assuming there's only one keyword for each square bracket group, you can use

$str =~ s/\[[^]]*?keyword=([0-9.]+)[^]]*]|\[[^]]*]/$1/g;

See a demo here.


We want to match all the [...] and replace them with the content of the capturing group, which is not empty only if there's a keyword inside the brackets:

  \[                 # first case: the [...] contains keyword. We match `[`
  [^]]*?             # followed by anything except a `]`, until the first...
  keyword=([0-9.]+)  # ... keyword pattern. We capture the wanted number
  [^]]*]             # and we match the rest of the [...] pattern.
|                    # OR
  \[[^]]*]           # second case: there's no keyword. We match, but 
                     # don't capture anything.
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thanks, this works fine! – user1981275 Jun 4 '14 at 14:30

This works using an executable replacement string. All sequences like [...] are replaced by either the value after keyword if it appears in the sequence, or the empty string if it does not.

use strict;
use warings;
my $str = '(1:[&a={1sa},s=3,keyword=0.1,qwsz={a}]:0.1)[s=2;p]:2:[s=3, keyword=9.23]';

$str =~ s{ \[ ( [^[\]]* ) \] }{
  $1 =~ /keyword=([\d.]+)/ ? $1 : '';

print $str;


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Replace the below regex selection with empty string



\[((?!\])(?<!keyword=).)*(\]|(?=\d+\.\d+)) // Starts with a [, not followed by ], not preceded by keyword=, including all characters till a ] or decimals are encountered
|,.*?\]                                    // OR a comma followed by anything till the first occurance of a ]
|\]                                        // OR a ]



my $str = "(1:[&a={1sa},s=3,keyword=0.1,qwsz={a}]:0.1)[s=2;p]:2:[s=3, keyword=9.23]";
$str =~ s/\[((?!\])(?<!keyword=).)*(\]|(?=\d+\.\d+))|,.*?\]|\]//g;
print "$str";


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thanks, this works! – user1981275 Jun 4 '14 at 14:30

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