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The question posed in here , has been solved but somehow it is not working for a different shp file. Any idea why? I have been trying with the shp file from Coloring the states according to a given variable using ggplot (the first link)


download.file("http://geocommons.com/overlays/204743.zip", destfile="204743.zip")
unzip("204743.zip", exdir="ind")
india <- readShapeSpatial("ind/india_state.shp")
f_india <- fortify(india)
i <- sapply(india@data$NAME, function(x) agrep(x, data$Row.Labels, max.distance=.3, ignore.case=T)[1]) 
india@data$maj <- data$MAJORITY[i]
f_india <- merge(x=f_india, y=india@data, by.x="id", by.y="ID")
ggplot(f_india, aes(x=long, y=lat, group=group, fill=maj)) + 

Wrong output:

enter image description here

Any help would be appreciated.

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Your merge is probably messing with the order of the data. Try creating an index before it and reordering the data after the merge. –  celiomsj Jun 4 at 14:27
Just to confirm the above - the merge is definitely the problem. If you ggplot just the polygons of india, then f_india you see the issue. –  Joe Jun 4 at 14:31

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Your merge is matching each row more than once, creating duplicate rows in the data. Additionally there is an ordering problem, and you lose polygons when there isn't a matching row.


f_india <- merge(x=f_india, y=india@data, by.x="id", by.y="ID")


f_india <- merge(x=f_india, y=unique(india@data), by.x="id", by.y="ID",all.x=T)
f_india <- f_india[with(f_india, order(id, order)), ]


Here's the output I get. The grey polygons are caused by mismatched names, but this is the only issue I can see.

working map

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+1, thanks.. I also edited the code in the original posting. –  lukeA Jun 4 at 15:58
But something is wrong. The places where it should be blue/pink in color, its showing grey. This wasnt the problem with the previous code provided by @lukeA –  user2458552 Jun 4 at 17:05
Can I suggest you try again from scratch - it works perfectly for me. Some states do remain grey, but that's because the names haven't been matched, which is a different issue. You can't expect 'UP' to automatically map to 'Uttar Pradesh' without a bit more work. –  Joe Jun 4 at 21:04
Ya I have changed all the names according to the shp file .But still not giving the results as it should. –  user2458552 Jun 5 at 11:41
the codeis working but the longitude and latitudes are getting messed up.You can check for urself –  user2458552 Jun 5 at 13:35

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