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Im having difficulties parameterizing (data driven) checkboxes using Selenium IDE. When I record selecting a checkbox using Selenium i get the following action:


In order to parameterize this action and pointing to my test data (XML) file I need a value which I can set as a variable. But in this action there is no value, only a target which is the ID.

Any ideas how to parameterize this action or how to check the checkbox using a value instead of using only the target (ID)?

P.S. Text fields work fine by putting "${Parametername}" in value field in Selenium for an action. The Parametername will then be my column name in my test data file.

Html code of the checkboxes:

<table class="detailgrid" cellspacing="0" border="0" id="_ctl0_MainContentPlaceHolder_UseCaseBesturing__ctl1_dgOndersteundeChannels" style="border-style:None;border-collapse:collapse;">
        <td style="width:20px;">
                            <span disabled="disabled"><input id="_ctl0_MainContentPlaceHolder_UseCaseBesturing__ctl1_dgOndersteundeChannels__ctl2_chkbxChannel" type="checkbox" name="_ctl0:MainContentPlaceHolder:UseCaseBesturing:_ctl1:dgOndersteundeChannels:_ctl2:chkbxChannel" checked="checked" disabled="disabled"></span>
                            <span id="_ctl0_MainContentPlaceHolder_UseCaseBesturing__ctl1_dgOndersteundeChannels__ctl2_lblChannelNaam">POS</span>
        <td style="width:20px;">
                            <input id="_ctl0_MainContentPlaceHolder_UseCaseBesturing__ctl1_dgOndersteundeChannels__ctl3_chkbxChannel" type="checkbox" name="_ctl0:MainContentPlaceHolder:UseCaseBesturing:_ctl1:dgOndersteundeChannels:_ctl3:chkbxChannel">
                            <span id="_ctl0_MainContentPlaceHolder_UseCaseBesturing__ctl1_dgOndersteundeChannels__ctl3_lblChannelNaam">eCommerce</span>
                            <span type="checkbox"><input id="_ctl0_MainContentPlaceHolder_UseCaseBesturing__ctl1_dgOndersteundeChannels__ctl4_chkalles1" type="checkbox" name="_ctl0:MainContentPlaceHolder:UseCaseBesturing:_ctl1:dgOndersteundeChannels:_ctl4:chkalles1" onclick="CheckAll('chkbxChannel', this.checked);"></span>
                            Alles Aan
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Consider using XPath. –  SiKing Jun 4 at 14:57
I tried xpath=//td/span[text()='POS'] but it doesnt work. It doesnt give any error in Selenium, but it just dont check any of the checkboxes. –  user3707509 Jun 5 at 8:33
I put the whole html code of the checkbox area, maybe this helps getting some ideas how to get this work. There are 3 possible checkboxes (POS, eCommerce, Alles aan). I want to make this variable in selenium so i can use my test data to define which checkbox should be checked. –  user3707509 Jun 5 at 8:36
Post your code. Remember, span is not a checkbox, regardless of what it looks like in the browser. Have you tried using click(). What else have you tried? –  SiKing Jun 5 at 12:32
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Still use a click but change how you find the target by using xpath.

It would look something like this:



Hope this helps!

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