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I am using ubuntu 14.10 , 64 bit system.

I need to call a function which is in .asm file from c code.
i need to execute a 32 bit program.

How I can compile and link both code ?
When I run c code it should call the function in assembly file and print something.

I tried below c code,

int main()
    int ret_status;   
    ret_status = asm_main();  
    return ret_status; 

Can anyone give me a sample of 32 bit asm code and compile and linking methods?

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possible duplicate of Calling assembly routines from C source code –  laindir Jun 4 at 15:19
I've submitted this question as a possible duplicate of this one. It has an example of how this is supposed to work using nasm and some problems you might encounter. –  laindir Jun 4 at 15:20

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