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I have a list like

users = ['tom', 'dick', 'harry']

In a Jinja template I'd like to print a list of all users except tom joined. I cannot modify the variable before it's passed to the template.

I tried a list comprehension, and using Jinja's reject filter but I haven't been able to get these to work, e.g.

{{ [name for name in users if name != 'tom'] | join(', ') }}

gives a syntax error.

How can I join list items conditionally?

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Use reject filter with sameas test:

>>> import jinja2
>>> template = jinja2.Template("{{ users|reject('sameas', 'tom')|join(',') }}")
>>> template.render(users=['tom', 'dick', 'harry'])
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You can just modify the way you use join but you're close.

users = ['tom', 'dick', 'harry']
", ".join(name for name in users if name != 'tom')


'dick, harry'
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According to Jinja FAQ, The operators are limited to the most common ones and more advanced expressions such as list comprehensions and generator expressions are not supported. –  falsetru Jun 4 at 16:03

This should work, as list comprehension is not directly supported. Ofcourse, appropiate filters will be better.

{% for name in users if name != 'tom'%}
    {% if not loop.last %}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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