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I am trying to get the value of checked or unchecked for the previous question in a quiz. Trying to find all the skipped questions basically.

$('li.quiz:eq(' + (slideIndex - 1) +  ')') //gets last question

Not sure what the syntax should be but something like this is my intention:

if ( $('li.quiz:eq(' + (slideIndex - 1) +  ')')  &&  $('li.quiz:eq(' + (slideCount - 1) +  ')input:radio:checked') ) {
   console.log('this question answered');
} else{
   console.log('this question not answered');
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If you'd like to get value the sintax is: $(".selector").val() –  Armand Jun 4 at 15:54
1: if you want the last question, simply do li.quiz:last. 2: $('li.quiz:eq(' + (slideCount - 1) + ')input:radio:checked') will always be true since it return a jQuery object. Check the length instead. –  Karl-André Gagnon Jun 4 at 15:55
Forget my first point, realized what you wanted to do. –  Karl-André Gagnon Jun 4 at 15:56

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If I go by your pseudo code, it would be:

var elem = $('li.quiz').eq(slideIndex - 1);
if(elem.length && elem.is(':checked')){
  // do somethign   

jQuery returns [] if nothing is found so it would always evaluate to true.

Also, you can just use .is(':checked') to check if it is checked or not.

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elem is not a checkbox –  Karl-André Gagnon Jun 4 at 15:55
@Karl-AndréGagnon corrected –  Amit Joki Jun 4 at 15:59
That's not what i meant, currently elem is an element that contain inputs –  Karl-André Gagnon Jun 4 at 15:59
Or wait... is it? I don't know actually, forget it! –  Karl-André Gagnon Jun 4 at 16:00
@Amit, elem doesn't get the check though. Trying different things based on all of the comments to check for checked. Tried since but didn't work: if(elem.length && elem.find('input:radio').prop('checked'); –  bklynM Jun 4 at 16:12

I was able to get answered and skipped with the following. Thanks.

var prevQ = $('li.quiz:eq(' + (slideIndex - 1) +  ')');
var isChecked = prevQ.find('input:radio[name=ans]').is(':checked');

if (prevQ.length && isChecked) {
   console.log('this question was answered');
} else{
   console.log('this question was not');
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