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I would like to upgrade from IIS 6 to IIS 7 and noticed lots of differences between the two. My ISAPI app works fine, files and folders are created and deleted as they should. The problem is that I don’t understand the reason why it is working. This is what I did:

1) Enabled IIS 7.5 (with ISAPI support) on my Windows 7 desktop PC.

2) Created a directory structure for my application:

d:\websites\myapp (copied my ISAPI dll here)
d:\websites\css  (copied css files here)
d:\websites\js  (copied javascript files here)

3) I created a pipeline ‘classic’, ‘no managed code’ application pool named ‘DefaultAppPool_classic’.

4) I created an application named myapp and assigned the mentioned app pool and physical path to my ISAPI dll.

5) I created a ‘Handler Mapping’ for my dll and set the feature position overly broad to READ/SCRIPT/EXECUTE.

6) I checked NTFS permissions and IIS_IUSRS and IUSR are not listed for the directories above. There is an entry for USERS WITH ‘Read and Execute’, ‘List folder contents’, and ‘Read’.

My questions:

1) I have no idea what user context my ISAPI is running under.

2) I would like to lock down my directories as such:

d:\websites\myapp (EXECUTE only)
d:\websites\css  (READ only)
d:\websites\js  (READ only)
d:\websites\data_to_modify (READ only but application can create files/directories and delete them

3) Does an app generally need more than one ‘Handler Mappings’, i.e. in my case, to create another one specific to the read-only folders?

I don’t know if I need to create more than one ‘Handler Mapping’ for the subdirectories or if the one I created will suffice.

I’m really confused and hope that someone can help me out.

Thank you!

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