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I have an app in dev that involves a small list of people, a small list of places, and dates and times.

What is the best way to save this data?

  • People - list will be < 30 people, with simple name fields and other small string feilds. Should i save them as property lists? Is there any way to simply create a pointer to a contact record instead of copying user data to my app and prevent it from going stale?
  • Dates - What is the best way to manage dates with associated information?
  • Places - Simple list - should I save this as a property list file? Same as people information?

Also I will be cross referencing this data so it wont be just a simple storage / retrieval of it. Any tips on achieving this sort of thing would be very helpful.


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Have you looked into using Core Data?

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I am aware of Core Data, but im mainly looking for tips on best practices for designing something of this nature. –  barfoon Mar 8 '10 at 20:15
Using Core Data is the best practice. Your question is a bit too vague to provide a more detailed answer. –  bpapa Mar 8 '10 at 20:55

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