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I am new to azure cloud service. I want to publish nodejs (express) api on as azure nodejs cloud service. I follow below link to create express app in nodejs.


Above tutorial is very good. I am able to create express app and i run successfully on azure emulator.

Problem :- But when i publish on cloud it also published successfully (hope so) but when i am trying to open web-service URL , it gives me 500 Internal Server error.

Please help me to figure out this problem.

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Maybe you can remote login to the instance of your cloud service, manually run your application through command line. Normally your application will be deployed at E:/approot/ folder (or maybe some place else I'm not pretty sure). Then you can node server.js. If it doesn't work then it might because some files (maybe under node_modules) is missing. If it works then I guess some configuration was wrong inside the cspkg file. –  Shaun Xu Jun 5 '14 at 2:12

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It was create problem because of long path issue in windows system. My code is in E/TestCode/Azure/Sample so npm azure module installed inside sample folder so it creates long hierarchy path. So some module did not upload to Azure.

Solution :- I moved code to E drive and publish it and it works perfectly fine.

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