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I want to label points on the plot using 'with labels' command but I get 'not enough columns for this style' error. My datafile looks like this:

method ∆G

A    0
B    15.01
C   -1.4
D    12.2
E   -3.9

method ∆H

A    0
B    8.4
C   -2.58
D    3.6
E   -2.12

method ∆SCF

A    0
B    11.66
C   -0.96
D    6.28
E   -1.3

I use this command to create a plot:

plot 'file.dat' using 2:xticlabel(1) index 0 pointtype 18 wth labels,''using 2 index 1 pointtype 18 with labels,''using 2 index 2 pointtype 18 with labels

I know that 'with labels' command requires 3 arguments, so the problem is probably lack of the third argument, but I've checked many combination and there was always some error. What am I doing wrong?

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The labels plotting style has nothing to do with xticlabels. The latter reads xticlabels from the data file, whereas the labels plotting style places a label at the given coordinates. So you're probably missing two columns. Another remark: index doesn't work for the file as you show it. For this you must separate two data blocks by two blank lines. –  Christoph Jun 4 at 18:57

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