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I am using the game_loop pub package to handle my eventloop. The problem is that it updates way too often. I don't need to update or redraw that often, and input key repetition is also too fast. I do not know much about eventloops or browser redraws, so I might think of it the wrong way, but is there a way to slow the loop down?

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I think you should always draw as fast as possible. What do you mean by input key repetition? –  Robert Jun 5 at 6:32
I think the input key repetition is an operating system setting. –  Günter Zöchbauer Sep 7 at 9:05

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Run heavy tasks in the separate Isolate while keeping game loop as lightweight as possible. The game loop should be implemented with window.animationFrame. How do I drive an animation loop at 60fps with Dart? You should learn all about requestAnimationFrame - it's the key to the smooth animations.

And your game logic speed should not depend on the browser FPS(Frames Per Second) use scheduler instead Does Dart have a scheduler?

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Try adding a timer and avoid adding an onUpdate or onRender handler to your GameLoop instance:

//timer fires 20 times per second, as an example
gameLoop.addTimer(render,0.05,periodic: true);

render(GameLoopTimer timer)
    //draw or update code here
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