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Here's my background: I am familiar with SVN and understand how checkin and checkout works. For git, I understand it lets you create a local branch, or something like that. For repo, all I know is that it's built on top of git by Google.

Here's my steps (using ubuntu):

  1. I repo sync to pull out the android source code from the server.
  2. I then made some changes to certain driver files, now I want to build it.
  3. repo start 'my_version' ~\android_build\....\drv_folder\
  4. git add '~\android_build\....\drv_folder\'
  5. git commit -m 'my_version modified'
  6. make clean; make flashfiles

Now, in step 2. since I made changes to my master source, what if I want to revert my changes? how do I 'checkout' the master repo, if this was in SVN, I can just delete the whole folder and do a checkout, but for repo, from what I read, repo sync merge my local modification with server modification, which is not exactly what I want, or is it?

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