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I have an Integer overflow error with the rollmean function. It's working well when I am doing it on 5 numbers section but not working on a 20 (and 260) number sections.

Numbers are trading volumes (7 digits).

Do you have any clue to solve this problem?


SP_stock$mean_vol_20<-ave(SP_stock$vol, SP_stock$ticker, FUN=function(x) rollmean(x,k=20, na.pad=T, align="right"))

Error: In sum(xu[1:k]) : dépassement d'entier - utiliser sum(as.numeric(.))
Error: In sum(xu[1:k]) : Integer overflow - use sum(as.numeric(.))
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The clue to your problem is already in the error message. You've to provide numeric input to rollmean instead of integer input here, as the intermediate calculation (sum) overflows when x is integer.

In your case, doing:

ave(as.numeric(SP_stock$vol), SP_stock$ticker, FUN = ...)

should work.

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