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I am currently using ldap to connect to my rails application and i need to switch to ldaps. I have changed my ldap.yml as

development: &dev
 port: 636
 method: :ssl
 base: cn=Users,dc=equitymetrix,dc=lan
 bind_dn: dc=e


production: *dev

I am getting the following error

Attempting to reconnect
  LDAP: connect (32.2ms): {:uri=>"ldaps://", :with_start_tls=>false}
  LDAP: bind (1.3ms): {:dn=>"cn=Users,dc=equitymetrix,dc=lan"}
  LDAP: bind: anonymous (6.3ms): {}
Bound to ldaps:// as anonymous
  LDAP: search (2.2ms): {:base=>"", :scope=>:base, :filter=>"objectClass=*", :attributes=>["subschemaSubentry"], :limit=>1}
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