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So I have an ActionBar and a NavigationDrawer in my app. When the user opens the NavigationDrawer, some of the icons in the action bar are hidden from view using

mMenu.setGroupVisible(R.id.hide_when_drawer_open, false)

The functionality is decent, but I had some bugs relating to sliding, so now I want to write a regression test to check if the icons hide correctly using ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2.

The problem that I am having is that the methods I've tried all return the same values whether or not the icons are actually hidden. I've tried

View refresh = (View) mActivity.findViewById(R.id.action_refresh);
getInstrumentation().invokeMenuActionSync(mActivity, R.id.action_refresh, 0);

How do I go about testing if the icons are hidden or not? Is there a way to get the Menu object cleanly, get the Icon(s) I want to check and then see if they are visible?

Thank you.

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