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My question is based on another question. Instead of repeating a bunch of stuff, I hope it's okay that I refer you to that other question instead:


My question is: How would the code within [self showGearMenu] look like, i.e. how would one actually use the popUpContextMenu:withEvent:forView method to accomplish what the poster of the other question wants?

I ask because it seems that the question was resolved for the poster, but he never shared with us how he actually popped up the menu :)

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I had this question a couple months ago, which I asked on Cocoa-dev:


The code that was emailed to me off-list works great, but it's not my code, so I'm going to post it. However if you'd like it, contact Seth at Araelium Group about AGNSSegmentedControl: http://www.araelium.com/

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