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Pycairo is already installed, but check dependacies script says it is not installed.

Hrishikeshs-MacBook-Pro:graphite hrishikeshparanjape$ brew install py2cairo
Warning: py2cairo-1.10.0 already installed
Hrishikeshs-MacBook-Pro:graphite hrishikeshparanjape$ sudo python 
[FATAL] Unable to import the 'cairo' module, do you have pycairo installed for python 2.7.5?
Unable to import the 'ldap' module, do you have python-ldap installed for python 2.7.5?
Without python-ldap, you will not be able to use LDAP authentication in the graphite webapp.

1 necessary dependencies not met. Graphite will not function until these dependencies are fulfilled.
1 optional dependencies not met. Please consider the warning messages before proceeding.
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Maybe related to Yet another py2cairo installation failure – Rod Jun 5 '14 at 1:39
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mac os x installation of python maintains libraries in a "weird" way. Change your operating system to any distribution of Linux. I installed ubuntu, and it treated me surprisingly well.

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