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I'm teaching my self Qt; in the same time I don't want to lose my Java skills in Qt. I stacked in some codes to do it in Qt, I tried many times as well as search in the net.

Code # 1

Object[] names = jList1.getSelectedValues();
String msg = "";
for (Object o : names)
msg += o;

Code # 2

DefaultListModel model;
model = new DefaultListModel();

Code # 3

I didn't find Empty method :-(

I'm going to do some Qt's video tutorials on youtube, but before that I need to solve the above codes. If any programmer can help I will be thankful;

Thanks in advance

At the end I would like to thanks the experts who are spent thier value times to help others

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What you want for code #1 and #3 is the selection model. It does not have an empty method, but hasSelection aught to do it for you.

As for code #2, you could use the QStandardItemModel. It could be considered the default model if you must, but having a standard model in most cases defeats the purpose of the model-view paradigm (proving a model interface to your actual data). You could also look into the QList/Tree/TableWidget classes, as they come with a model (which QList/Tree/TableView don't).

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First of all I'm very happy to hear from you hasSelection serves their purpose, Thanks Code #1 How is to define Object array with no size, Array of Object type in Qt? Code #2 I'm using QtableWidget, Below Another NOT working example using Qt QTableWidget *model = new QTableWidget; QString cn[] = {"Hamad","Al Ketbi"}; model = new QtableWidget(cn,0); ui->tableWidget->setModel(model); Many Thanks again –  user289175 Mar 9 '10 at 22:47
#1, list without size (or rather, size 0): "QList<QObject*> list; list << &o1 << &o2 << &o3;", remember that QObjects are not values, they are individuals ( #2 If you want a model of strings, simply use a QStringListModel ( –  e8johan Mar 10 '10 at 6:53
I will give it try tonight at home, I hope to translate your idea. Sometime I'm asking my self why people help others? it's really kindly from you and the people behind this site –  user289175 Mar 11 '10 at 3:53

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