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What input control is used to enter a Time Duration on Android?

No, it's not the Time Picker... that control is for a time-of-day, not a duration.

Further, in many domains Time Durations may be negative. This means that a full-featured input control must include the ability to enter duration negative values. (This is one reason why an EditText with a "time" inputType is not sufficient, as it does not guarantee the minus sign on the keypad.)

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time duration in what format? can u plz provide one example –  mtetno Jun 5 at 1:46
Ideally in hours, minutes, and seconds; and as mentioned including the ability to make it negative. Thanks! –  RonR Jun 5 at 1:48
hmm u can make ur custom control ..from edittext and apply rules on it –  mtetno Jun 5 at 1:50
Sounds like you have very specific wants. In this case, time to write your own control. –  Gabe Sechan Jun 5 at 2:33
Hi Gabe, yes it's looking that way. I had thought accounting systems would have created a need for this type of control. Thanks for your input. –  RonR Jun 5 at 13:25

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