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I want to be able to launch a VM in headless mode and log the outputs of its tty to the command line.

Basically I have a situation where the VM will be launched remotely (hence the command line requirement), but every once and a while, the VM's bootup sequence freezes, and right now there's no way for me to debug why the VM is not booting up properly unless I go there manually and view it in a non-headless mode.

The VM itself does not have a GUI, it just boots into TTY mode.

So is there anyway I can get some debugging output from the TTY while it's headless?

One crazy idea would be using non-headless mode and taking screenshots of the window that opens, but there must be a better way!

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I am trying to get some integration testing for bootstrapped virtualboxes up and running and ran into the exact same problem. After finding out that VRDP is a dead end, because RDP cannot send text but only bitmaps, I remembered that some cloud providers require grub to output to ttyS0.

What is ttyS0 you ask? It's the serial console of course :-)
Here's how to configure Debian to output to serial console
VirtualBox allows you to redirect the serial port into either a file or a pipe, meaning you should be able to get all the information you desire by simply reading the specified filepath.

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Interesting, did you try it? Did it work? –  CMCDragonkai Dec 21 at 2:01
Yup! Works like a charm. When using the socket option ("named pipe") I was able to print the console messages directly to my terminal using socat :-) Here's a more programmatic way of accessing the output: goo.gl/ps6dDK –  andsens Dec 21 at 12:00

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