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I am not sure if this query is valid for this forum.

I have the following setup

1. Host Machine: Windows 8.1 Pro
2. Hyper-V enabled
3. VM [Windows 7] configured with internet access (using ICS from host machine, working fine)
4. RDP enabled to access VM from HOST

Now my question is how to configure Hyper-V in such a way that, from VM machine I will be able to access my Host machine Files, IIS, printer etc [IIS website is my primary focus]

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Hello I think this question belongs on superuser.com . If you just want IIS you will be fine using ICS. But for sharing files and printers I would suggest that both machines are on the same subnet. Also Home Sharing requires IPv6 so you will do better by taking the little extra time of creating a Virtual Switch. –  Baltico Jun 5 at 3:16
Thank you. Have posted in superuser.com also. –  aioracle Jun 5 at 3:31

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You can only do this through the network layer by using IP address for example.

'VM to HOST' access through the virtualisation layer is impossible.

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is there any specific reason for this? –  aioracle Jun 25 at 3:19

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