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Consider such a header of multistep form:

<ul class="steps-selector">
        <a ng-class="{'active':isCurrentStep(0)}" ng-click="setCurrentStep(0)">intro</a>
        <a ng-class="{'active':isCurrentStep(1)}" ng-click="setCurrentStep(1)">situation</a>
        <a ng-class="{'active':isCurrentStep(2)}" ng-click="setCurrentStep(2)">prognosis</a>

Those steps surely have different names but is the ng-class="{'active':isCurrentStep(2)}"/ng-click reappearing n times normal?

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You should use ng-repeat to loop over your object see documentation

<div ng-repeat="i in [0,1,2]">
    <a ng-class="{'active':isCurrentStep($index)}" ng-click="setCurrentStep($index)">intro</a>
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got it, so I can reference scope steps array in ng-repeat! –  lexeme Jun 5 '14 at 6:20

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