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its a duplicate question, though i want to ask it. i want all the username & there socket.id who are currently connected to a room, how to get that,

i tried it with : var clients = io.sockets.clients('room1');

here is my code ref

// when the client emits 'adduser', this listens and executes
    socket.on('adduser', function(username){
        // store the username in the socket session for this client
        socket.username = username;
        // store the room name in the socket session for this client
    //  socket.myroom = 'room1';
        // add the client's username to the global list
        usernames[username] = username;
        // send client to room 1
        // echo to client they've connected
        socket.emit('updatechat', 'room1', 'you have connected to room1');
        socket.emit('updatechat', 'room2', 'you have connected to room2');
        // echo to room 1 that a person has connected to their room
        socket.broadcast.to('room1').emit('updatechat', 'room1', username + ' has connected to this room');
        socket.broadcast.to('room2').emit('updatechat', 'room2', username + ' has connected to this room');
        var clients = io.sockets.clients('room1'); 

        console.log('socket.id :'+ socket.id);

        console.log('projson :'+ clients);
        console.log('projson :'+ clients.socket.id);
        console.log('projson :'+ clients.socket);


here is the log

debug: set heartbeat interval for client lhF85vZH16MLuMxyuIFH
debug: client authorized for 
debug: websocket writing 1::
debug: websocket writing 5:::{"name":"updatechat","args":["room1","you have connected to room1"]}
debug: websocket writing 5:::{"name":"updatechat","args":["room2","you have connected to room2"]}
debug: broadcasting packet
debug: websocket writing 5:::{"name":"updatechat","args":["room1","p3 has connected to this room"]}
debug: broadcasting packet
debug: websocket writing 5:::{"name":"updatechat","args":["room2","p3 has connected to this room"]}
socket.id :lhF85vZH16MLuMxyuIFH
**projson :[object Object],[object Object]**
projson :undefined
projson :undefined

how to get socketid & user name , any help will be appreciated , thank you

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this will give you something like this:


see if this gives the information you need

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it shows { '': [ 'CrkuKO07OmUXdqWx-En8', 'piCYuc7WY0P8n015-En9' ], '/room1': [ 'CrkuKO07OmUXdqWx-En8', 'piCYuc7WY0P8n015-En9' ], '/room2': [ 'CrkuKO07OmUXdqWx-En8', 'piCYuc7WY0P8n015-En9' ] } when 2 user connect to both rooms , –  pitu Jun 5 at 7:43
@pitu yeah what exactly do you want? –  A-0- Jun 5 at 7:52
i want the username associated to each socket, i want private messaging to 1 of them –  pitu Jun 5 at 8:51

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