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The timezone for my users is fixed to PST.

I can't make output the correct time. In I have the timezone set to US/Pacific and USE_TZ=False. Am I doing something wrong? The is 9 hours ahead.

Also, if I want to adjust the timezones some time later, is there a nice way to do it? Django's documentation seems kinda messy in this regard.

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USE_TZ = False tells django to ignore timezone information. Switch it to USE_TZ = True and you should be fine.

With this in place, changing timezones in future should be as simple as updating the timezone setting as the timezone is saved with the date when USE_TZ = True

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You should really have USE_TZ=True and the timezone set to US/Pacific. Then all the dates will be stored as UTC and converted to PDT on the front-end. This makes it easier if/when you have to change timezones later since all of the datetimes are stored as UTC rather than a naive PDT.

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