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I am using following code to upload the image

$selectFile = $('<input type="file">').click();
var imageUrl = "";
      $selectFile.change(function (e) {
        var reader = new FileReader();
            reader.onload = function(event){
              var img = new Image();
              img.onload = function(){
                  imageUrl = uploadImage(event.target.result);//upload image to server
                  $div.append('<figure class="images"><img src="'+ imageUrl +'" draggable="true" alt=""></figure>');
              img.src = imageUrl;


readAsDataURL needs a blob object, but I have url.

How do I use Url to render the image?

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It might help stackoverflow.com/questions/11876175/… –  Guillaume Kiz Jun 5 at 7:45

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