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My question is very short I have seen in many makefiles this note:

# -*- MakeFile -*- 

I wonder what is it for, is it some vim setting? Thanks!

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That looks like a setting for the Emacs editor, cp. Choosing Modes.

Vim has an equivalent called modelines, see :help modeline. It would look like this:

# vim:ft=make:
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Speaking of Vim, you may find this modeline helpful for makefiles

# vim: noexpandtab filetype=make

In most cases, Vim should already detect the filetype for a makefile. You can tell if it already finds the filetype via:

:set filetype? 

and if it echos 'make' then you're good to go, else you may need the filetype specification in the modeline. I recommend the noexpandtab part within the modeline because tabs are relevant in a makefile and many people setup their vim to automatically expand tabs which may end up breaking a makefile etc.

Emacs has its own variant of modelines, unsure if they work tab magic and other settings but if you see them you will know what they mean now.

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If you have :filetype plugin on, the default ftplugin/make.vim already sets 'noexpandtab'. – Ingo Karkat Jun 6 '14 at 9:50

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