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From time to time I will be using an application where the context menu or right mouse click menu will benefit from additional search entries.

I am looking for a method to add an entry into that context menu.

By way of example I would like to add two entries to RMB of a registry key in the Windows Registry Editor being:

  • Web search
  • Microsoft.com search

These entries will open my browser with a google search for " windows 7" or " windows 7 site:microsoft.com" respectively.

In my mind the pseudo code looks like this:

sub extend_menu
    application_handle = find_application("regedit.exe")
    menu_handle = find_menu("abc")  /* perhaps abc is found with WinSpy */
    menu_handle.add_entry("Web search",pull_entry_and_search_web);
    menu_handle.add_entry("Microsoft.com search",pull_entry_and_search_microcoft);
end sub

sub pull_entry_and_search_web
    search_term = menuhandle.pull_name_from_parent
    launch_browser_google_search(search_term . " windows 7");

end sub

sub pull_entry_and_search_microsoft
    search_term = menuhandle.pull_name_from_parent
    launch_browser_google_search(search_term . " windows 7 site:microsoft.com");
end sub

For this question I am happy for a solution in any programming language as the method is the priority.

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